Core Values

Core Values and Guiding Principles

PROCMURA is an organization guided and anchored on a number of core values and guiding principles. These are informed by its Mission, Vision and Overall Goal. Below are some of the main features of its core values:
  • Christian Witness - We believe that Christian witness is part of Christian identity and therefore obligatory.
  • Christian-Muslim relations - We believe that Christian-Muslim relations is a vocation entrusted to us by God ‘in whom we live and move and have our being’ and that our commitment to live to this vocation is from our faith and not in spite of it.
  • Religious freedom - We believe in understanding and respecting religious differences and strongly advocates for religious freedom and all that it entails.
  • Integrity – We believe in stewardship over resources entrusted to us by God. In this light, we have always endeavoured to make good use of all resources at our disposal.
  • Gender equity – We believe in and pay attention to Gender equity. This applies also to the organization’s staffing and service delivery with positive discrimination by ensuring that Women issues in Christian-Muslim relations form an integral part of PROCMURA’s core programmes.
  • Professionalism and hard work – We believe in commitment to professionalism and hard work. This demands the right mobilisation of resources and the use of such resources to implement programmes that will positively impact Christian and Muslim constructive relations towards peace and development in the wider society.
  • Collaboration - We believe in cooperation and collaboration with Ecumenical/church related organizations within and outside Africa whose ideals and goals are similar to those of PROCMURA but ensure that we are subsumed by none.
  • Networking - We believe in networking with secular organizations and civil society on various issues related to the promotion of peace in the wider society and interreligious peace and development.
  • Development of the Youth – We believe that the development of the youth to assume the leadership of tomorrow’s world must begin in today’s world. To this extent we believe in the training, empowerment, and conscientization of the youth on Christian and Muslim constructive relations in today’s world as they prepare themselves for the leadership of tomorrow’s world.

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