The Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PROCMURA) is the one and only pan African Christian organisation with a specific focus on Christians’ constructive relations with Muslims in witness and for peace and peaceful co-existence. Founded in 1959 PROCMURA’s constituencies are made up of Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Evangelicals and African Instituted (Independent) Churches. It does have Catholics in its constituencies some of who have served in various capacities within the PROCMURA family. The Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa is currently well established in 20 countries in East, West, Central and Southern Africa and operates in ten more countries where it is not yet well established.

Vision Statement

A continent where Christian and Muslim communities in spite of their differences, work together for justice, peace and reconciliation, towards the holistic development of the human family and the environment.

Mission Statement

Faithful Christian witness to the Gospel in an interfaith environment of Christians and Muslims that respects the spirit of good neighbourliness and Christian constructive engagement with Muslims for peace and peaceful coexistence.

Overall Goal

To see an African continent where Christians and Muslims uphold the principles of religious freedom and all that it entails; constructively relate to promote peace in the society and peaceful coexistence between Christian and Muslim communities; jointly respond to environmental challenges.


PROCMURA under its Women and Girl child programme continued to empower the girl child and address some of the challenges they face. This time


PROCMURA continued with its quest to enhance the capacity of church leaders in order to have a church leadership that is better informed and


Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) is a universal human right. It is the understanding of PROCMURA (as it is of others) that when FoRB is violated and people face discriminations, religious


Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child in Isiolo County

Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child in Isiolo County

Rev. Dr. Johnson Mbillah, Former General Adviser of PROCMURA in Burundi (2014)

CEC, Isiolo County, speaking on the girls' situation

Raising Awareness on the Plights of the Girl Child in Africa

The PROCMURA COVID-19 Pandemic Intervention in Kenya


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